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How To Plan An Outstanding Corporate Event

You know you've walked away from an amazing corporate event knowing you’ve learned something new or had a successful time networking. Great corporate events don’t happen by accident, though. They require a detailed process and lots of creativity.
Corporate Event

With offices reopening after almost two years of virtual meetings and happy hours, corporate events have become a great way for employees to reconnect. Whether your event is meant to share the most modern industry practices or to celebrate Q4 earnings, we have tips on how to make the most of the corporate event.

Things To Know

The two most important parts of the event are its purpose and the budget. Knowing if the corporate event is primarily focused on business or socializing is key to curating the environment. It has been a while since many employees have had in-person social interactions as well, so the environment should be conducive for reconnecting.

Equally as important to the event is your budget. While it may seem obvious, the budget of your event can easily determine the room for creative decisions, in your event planning process. The company you’re planning a corporate event for may have faced difficult times during the pandemic, or their events budget is overflowing after the past year. Either way, it should be top of mind since that will lead your decisions in food, venue, activities, and decorations.

Things To Incorporate

When not well executed, corporate events can be lackluster and seem more like an employee obligation rather than pleasure. The components of your corporate event that will help attendees stay engaged are the venue, the food, and the touch-points.

The corporate event venue you choose may lead to costly follow-up considerations such as transportation to the venue or attendee hotel arrangements. That’s not to say that your choice of venue has to stay at the convention center it has been held at for the past 15 years. We love to see the creativity of companies in hosting their events at unique corporate Miami venues, such as these.

Perhaps the venue is not as important to your event as the food, therefore your focus is on the possibilities for catering. A time-saving tip for our fellow event planners is to find your caterer before your venue. If you work with a seasoned professional, they may already have a few trusted venues they can help recommend partnering with. This saves you time and can sometimes save you money. Corporate event catering companies are the ultimate source for advice on accommodating special diets and making the most of a budget with a multi-meal event.

Another important consideration for your next corporate event are the memorable touch-points for attendees. Touch-points are the moments that an attendee will look back on when recalling your event. Some ways touch-points can be incorporated in your event are through the music, free merchandise, or a photo booth. Making these touch-points relevant to the event and positive for attendees should be your ultimate goal. Check out some of our favorite Miami vendors here.

Things To Remember

More often than not, a corporate event has several moving parts to manage. For that reason, we’re here to remind you to be flexible. If a year in a pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be open to change. This will help reduce the stress and increase your satisfaction with your event.

Lastly, we recommend you take feedback on your event. Feedback cards or surveys are great ways to receive large amounts of honest feedback from attendees. This will ideally guide your venue, catering, and other planning decisions for events to come.

Best of luck with your next corporate event!

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