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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2021

After the year we’ve all had, “change” is no longer a buzzword. If anything, change is the new normal. The year’s worth of postponed weddings and safety guidelines have led to the unleashing of creativity in wedding planning. The following 10 trends we’ve seen for

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5 FRESH LIBATIONS To Celebrate National Tequila Day

Mark your calendars folks because July 24th, 2021 is National Tequila Day! This may seem like a random holiday excuse to drink an alcoholic beverage, but we see it as an opportunity to appreciate the history and evolution of this well-known Mexican spirit. History Tequila

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How To Plan An Outstanding Corporate Event

You know you’ve walked away from an amazing corporate event knowing you’ve learned something new or had a successful time networking. Great corporate events don’t happen by accident, though. They require a detailed process and lots of creativity.

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